Image of Earth from space
Courtesy of NASA/GSFC.

Climate change is happening now and is already impacting our lives. Our planet is getting warmer and sea levels are rising. We are seeing changes to freshwater availability and changes to ecosystems such as shifts in species distribution and abundance. These changes can impact our food supplies, our economy and even our health. With these challenges it is important to be climate literate—to understand how our actions influence climate and, conversely, how the climate impacts us—in order to address and plan for climate change.

Clue into Climate is a four-part series that explores the causes of climate change, its impacts on freshwater and ecosystems and strategies to address these and other impacts of climate change. This first book in the series examines

  • the difference between weather and climate
  • evidence of climate change
  • heat-trapping, or greenhouse gases
  • what climate models tell us about future climate change